for our very popular loungewear set, consisting of the FILIPPA Flares and the TAYLOR Top, we have entered a cooperation with an influencer for the very first time. We are so proud to announce that we teamed up with the beautiful and fabulous Farina Opoku, founder of the online magazine NOVA LANA LOVE, for our drop|five of our THE MOOD collection. For the collaboration Farina dipped the knit ensemble in the color avocado, just right in time for spring. “The color creates a good mood in the current time and also emphasizes my eyes particularly beautiful,” says Farina Opoku. The two high-quality capsule items with a fine ribbed structure are made from Italian viscose yarn in a small family business in Germany and are timeless classics that can be worn together or separately.

Stylish loungewear has a high priority in Farina Opoku’s own wardrobe anyways – with accessories she gives it yet another individual twist. “The TAYLOR top flatters the figure because it is cut in a particularly refined and unique way; the FILIPPA flares make long, slender legs despite the wide silhouette. It is the perfect set you can’t go wrong with,” says Farina.

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