Step into THE MAGIC with us as we celebrate a decade of black palms: where strength meets softness and elegance meets ease.

„The year 2024 is a very magical year for us, as it marks our 10th anniversary“, says Sandra Ebert, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of black palms. „We are beyond thrilled to share our excitement of this incredible milestone through this year’s motto: THE MAGIC. Over the past ten years, we’ve grown as a team, evolved in design, and sharpened our distinctive brand identity. THE MAGIC lies in the journey we’ve shared, and we’re grateful to those who have been part of it.“

This year’s collection embodies the perfect blend of strong and soft materials, textures, silhouettes and a subtle color palette that exudes an enchanting aura. All pieces are designed to evoke an ethereal sense of wonder, allowing you to embrace the beauty of the seasons with every step. Here’s to THE MAGIC of 10 years!