Spring is here and so are our new lightweight styles. Our famous TAYLOR top got an update and is now available in anthracite and cream. Loves to be combined with its’ sparring partners: the TAYLOR pants or skirt, made from super flowy viscose. Also check out the extension of our comfy FILIPPA line, known for its ribbed but super soft fabric. And get to know the ultimate game changer: the ALLY vest. Layer over t-shirts, dresses and hoodies. Here to top every outfit with a cool and edgy twist.

ALLY Vest Coconut

TAYLOR Top & Flares Cream

OO Tee Moments & TAYLOR Skirt Black

FILIPPA Top & Flares Off White & ALLY Vest Coconut

TAYLOR Bra Black & FILIPPA Flares Black & STEF Shirt White

HONEY Hoodie Light Grey & TAYLOR Flares Anthracite

BAILEY Blazer Sand & TAYLOR Flares Cream

TAYLOR Top & Flares Anthracite

TAYLOR Skirt & Bra Cream & ALLY Vest Coconut

FILIPPA Top & Flares Black

DAISY Dress Cream


TAYLOR Top & Flares Cream

TAYLOR Bra Cream & ALLY Vest Coconut

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